Natural Phenomena Illuminates the Exploratorium’s New Facade

To celebrate the opening of the Exploratorium’s new location at Pier 15, Obscura was commissioned to create a work of Art, using architectural projection mapping, that captured the essence of human curiosity. Delving deeply into natural phenomena and the unseen forces working around us, Obscura’s creative technology team designed ‘Emergence’, an experience that contemplates how and why things come to be. To realize this concept, Obscura abandoned all computer generated imagery in a quest to authentically capture and display natural phenomena.

“The spirit of Emergence is to create curiosity and wonder around the nature of being.” - Garth Williams, Emergence Creative Director

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(Click on images for hi-res)

“Wax Liquefaction Projections on Pier 15 by Obscura Digital”

“Wax Liquefaction Experiment by Obscura Digital”

“FLIR Thermal Projection Colorized from Wax Liquefaction Projections by Obscura Digital” 


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